List of All the Telecoms in Malawi 2022-2023

List of All the Telecoms in Malawi- Did you know, that there are more than two telecommunication network providers in Malawi? You probably didn’t. There are more than 2 but the most known are Telekom Network Malawi and Airtel Malawi is formerly known as Zain.

Welcome to, Our website is dedicated to bringing you the exact information that you are searching for about all the mobile and internet service providers in Malawi.

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Both of these companies are Mobile Network Providers or Operators that are Licenced by the Government to provide services to the People of Malawi. The website has made it simple by answering all the Frequently asked questions about them.

List of Mobile Network Providers in Malawi

List of Internet Service Providers in Malawi

Most Asked Questions are;

List of All the Telecoms in Malawi

About the Telekom Network Malawi; One of the oldest mobile network providers in the country, since 1995 with their HQ located in the city of Blantyre. Their official colours and Green and White.

About the Airtel Malawi; Also an old company but has in time changed its name from Zain after it was acquired. The has since rolled out unique services that are targeted to serve the needs of its customers/subscribers.

About the Malawi Telecommunication Limited; Malawi Telecommunication Limited provides integrated high-quality communication solutions for customers’ greater experience.

About the Access Communication Limited; is a young telecommunications company that was awarded a license in 2007 as the Second National Operator (SNO) in Malawi.