Students Loan Repayment Plan

Students Loan Repayment Plan

The Students Loan Repayment Plan .The Board might want to advise college students regarding higher gaining from every single certify establishment and the overall population that the credit application structures for 2022-2023 Financial Year are presently accessible.

The advance application structures can be gotten to from; licensed foundations of higher learning, District Education Managers, schooling branches of religious organizations, public libraries, HESLGB secretariat and on the HESLGB

Proceeding with Students are mentioned to present their properly finished credit application structures to heads of their individual establishments of higher learning, though recently chose Students are supposed to present their finished application structures to the HESLGB Secretariat by hand conveyance or through post utilizing the accompanying location; Higher Education Students’ Loans and Grants Board, Private Bag B417, Lilongwe 3.

Students ought to likewise take note of that it is an unquestionable requirement to join a duplicate of their National ID to their credit application structure and that the credit application process draws in a MK 5000 non-refundable expense which ought to be stored into both of the accompanying records.


As a former student you are obliged to repay your student loans so that other individuals should benefit from this programme, so we encourage students and institutions to repay their student loans timely and fully.

Mode of Repayment || Conditions of Loan Repayment || Loan Balance Enquiry

The modes of repayment of loans are as follows:

  1. Periodic deductions from beneficiary’s salary by his or her employer.
  2. Direct periodic payments to the HESLGB by beneficiaries.
  3. Outright payment of total loan amount plus interest due.

Loan Balance Enquiry:

The checking of loan balances takes a range for 15-20 minutes for feedback to be provided to the enquirer. If feedback is delayed more than that, enquirers are encouraged to check again before much time lapses.
It is encouraged to enquire about one’s loan status with clear details of years of study, college, and registration numbers. For example: 1995-2000, Chancellor College, BAH/05/95.


Working at HESLGB

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