Top Richest Politician in Malawi 2022

Top Richest Politician in Malawi 2022

Below we will list the wealthiest Politician in Malawi according to their Net worth. We have also decided to list their Net worth in United Dollars and Malawi Kwacha. Top Richest Politician in Malawi 2022

15- Chris Patel – K21 billion – the owner of Farmers World, Agora, Demeter Seed and Malawi Fertilizer company.

14- Paul Mphwiyo – K23 billion, cashgate and corrupt practices in government made him rich

13- Mohammed Sidik Mia – K24.8 billion, he owns a farm of 2500 cattle and runs the cold storage.

12- Roy Kachali – K25 billion – he obtained a lot of money through stealing that he did with his mother Joyce Banda.

11-Mark Katsonga Phiri – K27 billion, he owns Axa fleet, Ampex, AGMA and other four companies

10- Osward Lutepo – K28 billion, he owns the OG Group and he obtained some money through cashgate.

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9- George Scodiss – K32 billion, he owns the Kamponji Group

8- Leston Mulli – K35 billion, he is Chairman of the Mulli Group of Company.

7- Joyce Banda – K38
billion obtained from the cashgate and other businesses

6- Rashy Gaffer- K42 billion….He has a transport company, he always says he is using money generated by his father, currently, he uses money that was generated by his father and that his money will be used by his grandsons.

5- Elson Bakili Muluzi – K47.8 billion he has many business partnerships and also stole donor money when he was president.

4- Peter Mutharika – K48 billion his money was found through his brother Bingu.

3- Ninkawa – K52 billion, he owns 350 trucks in the Ninkawa transport Company.

2- Nyiombo – K58 billion, He owns a fertilizer company.

1- Aniz Suleman- K135 billion….owner of Right Price, Northgate, Southgate, Glenae Poultry, Chiperoni Blankets, Glenae Feed Company, Conforzi Plantations, He owns 50% of buildings in Limbe.

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Prophet Shepherd BushiriProphet Shepherd Bushiri has been named by the popular Drum Magazine of South Africa as a billionaire. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri prepares to enter his private jet. The list was compiled with the help of information supplied by banks.

Who is the richest woman in Malawi?

Joyce banda is known as an entrepreneur since when she was 25 years old.

  • Akajuwe Enterprises.
  • Kalingidza Bakery.

How can I get rich in Malawi?

In this article, I highlight 5 ways to become rich in Malawi.

  1. Invest in Yourself.
  2. Start a Business.
  3. Start Saving for Investment.
  4. Stay out of debt.
  5. Develop multiple sources of income.
  6. Show off is a trap.
  7. Have a positive attitude towards money.
  8. Summary.

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