How To Write a Good CV To Apply For Job in Malawi

How To Write a Good CV To Apply For Job in Malawi

To make your pursuit of employment, temporary jobs or Industrial Attachment search a triumph; we prompt that you figure out how to compose a decent CV in Malawi – the manner in which it genuinely appeals to nearby businesses. We have seen with most extreme disappointment that composing a CV in Malawi is something individuals set aside as far as might be feasible and when they ultimately get to it, they have the feeling that insofar as significant components, for example, work insight, instructive capabilities and bio-information are set up, a CV is finished. I sincerely apologize for the conflict! How To Write a Good CV To Apply For Job in Malawi

We accept that your CV is a record or portrayal of yourself. It is YOU discussing YOU in YOUR own personal words and in the most ideal manner conceivable. It begins from what your identity is, to every one of the spots you have been and how you have added to those spots; your accomplishments, how you invested your energy, and surprisingly close to home subtleties like your conjugal status, etc. Remembering this, everything about data given should be carefully thought of and articulately introduced. Put your most complimenting characteristics or achievements front and centre and afterwards move progressively to less complimenting characteristics.

Recorded as a hard copy of your CV in Malawi, the show is everything! Your substance, design, format, textual style type, text dimension, the line separating, slugs and boundaries are largely significant in accomplishing an extraordinary looking CV. On the off chance that somebody has 3 years of involvement and another has 6 years of involvement, and they are both going after a similar position, the ONLY thing that separates them is the way the two of them present their work encounters.

The fundamental components of your CV in Malawi ought to be profile, work insight, accomplishments (assuming any), preparation (assuming any), instructive capabilities, bio-information, leisure activities and arbitrators. Kindly note that no specific configuration or layout is projected in stone, each format can be altered to suit a specific necessity at some random time.



We would prefer to lean toward a profile to a goal. A goal is basically a goal while a profile is a short portrayal that summarizes your qualities, versus where you are coming from and where you desire to be. It shouldn’t be multiple sentences or three short sentences at most.


Your experience(s) ought to demonstrate the name of the organization, your assignment/title, your expected set of responsibilities and the span of administration. The location of the organization isn’t mandatory aside from you are going after a position outside of your state or nation of home. Your experience(s) ought to follow an ordered arrangement (latest to least later). Likewise, adhere to the current state while depicting your present place of employment portrayal.


This is a summary of the excellent achievements you have stowed throughout some stretch of time. It can incorporate a record-breaking GP, an honour, and outperformed focus on, an immaculate record and preferences. Your accomplishments should score you additional focuses with a possible representative yet in the event that it does in any case, throw it.


Your profile information which comprises your date of birth, s*x and condition of beginning are not really your most significant subtleties. In fact, it could fill in as a drawback. Should you apply for a specific opening and you are past the age prerequisite, if your age is the principal thing a potential business sees, you are probably going to be excluded even before your CV is given a legitimate examination. So it’s ideal to keep those subtleties at the last part of your CV.


1. Picked striking and neat text styles

2. Utilize straightforward and unambiguous words. Rule out ambiguity.

3. Have a concentration and figure out how to implant your advantage and specialization into your CV

4. Be responsible. Continuously represent time spent. Guarantee your CV mirrors that you are continually adding esteem, sharpening your abilities or getting more instruction.

5. Never remember for your CV that you are not 100% certain will be an or more.

6. Hold your CV to a limit of three pages with the exception of you have had quite a long while of involvement.

7. Guarantee that you can shield all that you have written in your CV

8. In conclusion, remember to KISS! (Keep It Short and Simple!)

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