University of Livingstonia Contact Information

University of Livingstonia Contact Information

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Brief History; The University of Livingstonia is a private owned institution by the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia. It started in 2003 in fulfilment of Rev. Dr Robert Laws’ dream to establish an institution of higher learning. It is started at the place where Dr Laws founded the Overtoun Institute, which was known at the time as the ‘Greatest Achievement’ in Central Africa, specifically in relation to the offering of quality education and other social services.

Details About University of Livingstonia UNILIA

The University of Livigstonia (Unilia) was established by the Synod of Livingstonia as the first private university in the country in order to fulfil Robert Laws’ dream of establishing a University for natives of east, central and southern Africa. Thus, it opened its doors to the first group of undergraduates at Khondowe or Mumbwe on 23rd August, 2003. At that time there was a serious shortage of secondary school teachers. Consequently, the immediate task of the Synod was to complement the Malawi Government efforts in training secondary school teacher.

The College of Education at Khondowe, which later changed the name to Laws Campus, was not only the main Campus, but also the only College of University of Livingstonia. However, soon already existing colleges – Livingstonia Technical College, and College of Commerce, Health Sciences and Theology (all based at Ekwendeni Campus) – were taken on board through some kind of loose agreements. Now, the emphasis is on the two Campuses: accomodating the College of Theology and Laws Campus. Lusangazi near Mzuzu, is also coming up.

Futhermore, right from its inception, the Commission planning for the establishment by Unilia felt it important that the University must have satellite campuses as on the old missionary historical sites such as Njuyu, Bandawe and Karonga.

Mission Statement

The University of Livingstonia, through excellence in teaching, research and learning environment shall educate and inspire students to become principled leaders who will transform society for the glory of God.


The University aims at making a difference by producing graduates of high moral, social and economic standards. In order to achieve this vision, the University in all its Campuses is committed to:

  1. deliver and facilitate the teaching and learning process which promote critical thinking,
  2. train students in Christian ethics and values through Christian living courses and regular morning devotions, and
  3. encourage learning through research, both in and outside class, interaction with research institutions, participation in national research projects, and encourage research publications by staff and students.

Core Values

  • To maintain an open policy
  • To enhance educational opportunities
  • To develop character and integrate faith and learning
  • To maintain an environment conducive for learning
  • To model effective stewardship.


P.O. Box 37
Tel: +265 1 368 275

P.O. Box 4
Tel: +265 1 339 099

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