Unicaf University Malawi MA Educational Leadership

Unicaf University Malawi MA Educational Leadership

Information about the Unicaf University Malawi MA Educational Leadership for this Academic year. Applicants can find valuable insights regarding the subject on this page. Welcome to Studyinmalawi.com. The above is information will assist you to make an informed decision.

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Brief History; Unicaf University pursues excellence in teaching and student achievement while ensuring a high degree of satisfaction in a dynamic online environment. Unicaf University is committed to setting high standards in Higher Education while working with relevant stakeholders to drive the evolution of online learning. Unicaf University aims to become the leading tertiary institution in Africa, recognized for its outstanding contribution to teaching, learning and research.

Details About Unicaf University Malawi

Introduction of the Programme

The Unicaf University MA in Educational Leadership and Management provides learners with an indepth knowledge and fruitful experience towards the Management and Leadership strategies that can be adopted and implemented in any academic institute and organization. The program supplies anyone who wishes to be employed as an academic administrator, coordinator and director within the public and private education. The curriculum is designed based on international and national standards and criteria. The learners obtain certain skills in evaluating a current problem, conducting a research and come up with solutions. They are confident to develop academic instructions and involve the relevant stakeholders in decision-making in order to improve teaching and learning.

Rationale of the Programme

The program provides learners with a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of Leadership and Management aspects and approaches in the academic sector. It is addressed to educators who plan to undertake leadership and administrative positions and enhance their administration skills. Students are expected to attain competence across a spectrum of relevant subject areas and themes, including innovation in schools; education and technology; communication and conflict resolution; organizational culture and resource management; public policy; systems of inspection and review; and the philosophy of leadership in education.

Aim of the Programme

To develop essential knowledge and skills in the theory and practice of Educational management and leadership as well as introduce effective and efficient applications towards a curriculum evaluation

Objectives of the Programme

1. To offer an integrated program of Educational Management and Leadership.
2. To provide students with Leadership knowledge and Management skills.
3. To allow students act as confident leaders / managers in an academic institute.
4. To prepare students for effective organization and administration of schools and education.
5. To prepare training executives who act creatively and productively.
6. To strengthen students’ knowledge and skills in the critical evaluation and analysis in research.
7. To familiarize students with leadership and management models that can be adopted by academic institutes.
8. To provide students with knowledge, attitudes and skills to offer services to the wider educational community.

Programme Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the programme, the students should be able to:
1) apply leadership and management strategies in an academic environment.
2) assess an academic situation from a leader’s perspective.
3) suggest solutions and changes in terms of improvement and enhancement.
4) improve a curriculum and educational methodologies.
5) be able to assess educators ‘performance through the implementation of evaluation models.
6) conduct a small or large-scale research through quantitative, qualitative and/or mixed methodology in the field of Educational leadership and management.
7) introduce innovative strategies and technological tools that can enhance the teaching and learning of an academic institute.

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