Nkhoma University Contact Details

Nkhoma University Contact Details

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Brief History; Nkhoma University was registered by Malawi Government in November, 2011. It was operationalized in June, 2013; officially launched in August, 2015; and registered by National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) in 2015. The University was accredited by NCHE in November, 2016. Our vision is to be a Centre of Excellence in Creating Academic Knowledge for Sustainable Development.

Details About Nkhoma University

 Nkhoma University was successfully registered by the Registrar’s office of the Government of Malawi in 2011. It is a private Christian University with a constitution and charter. The University is owned by the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) of the Nkhoma Synod. It is open to students of all faiths, and respects academic freedom and freedom of thought and expression within the basic tenets of the Christian faith. The establishment of this university was largely premised on the need to advance Christianity, education and health to the tertiary level. The University aims at providing an opportunity for learning to students, enabling them to understand the academic disciplines in a very professional manner and be inspired by the Word of God with its implications for living, character building and service in all God honoring vocations. Arguably, the earlier mission of Nkhoma Synod has registered considerable successes in caring for the underprivileged at primary and secondary levels. However, the University envisages the elevation of the above programmes through the introduction of tertiary education in Commerce, Education, Nursing and Theology.

P.O Box 136



Telephone: +265(0)997 957 804

Email: nkhomauni@nkhoma.ac.mw

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