Malawi Assemblies of God University Faculty of Education And Departments

Malawi Assemblies of God University Faculty of Education And Departments

Information about the Malawi Assemblies of God University MAGU Faculty of Education And Departments for this Academic year. Applicants can find valuable insights regarding the subject on this page. Welcome to The above is information will assist you to make an informed decision.

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Brief History; Malawi Assemblies of God University exists to provide leaders with quality and innovative tertiary education that is transformational and spirit empowered with global relevance based on biblical principles. Established in 2013, the University is founded on the principle that serious and sustained discourse among people promotes intellectual, ethical and spiritual understanding. As MAG University, we embody this principle in the diversity of our students, faculty, and staff, our commitment to justice and the common good, our intellectual openness, and our international character.

Details About Malawi Assemblies of God University

The undergraduate teaching programs offered at MAGU stream out of two tracks, either through the Bachelor of Education (ARTS) or through the Bachelor of Education (Sciences). The programs offered under these tracks are designed to prepare undergraduate students for careers in teaching and management of both public and private schools under the education sector. The goal is to offer knowledge and skills in secondary school teaching with five specialization areas to a broad spectrum of students of Malawi, SADC, and the Eastern African region and beyond.


MAGU utilizes four delivery systems in the programme: full-time (day programme), an evening (& Weekend) programme, an inter-term programme, and independent studies.

Full-Time Programme
Full-time students attend MAGU in the day programme. The day programme is established on a semester system consisting of two seven-week long blocks interspaced by a mid-term week recess. Full-time students may also take advantage of the Evening or Inter-term programmes and occasional independent courses as allowed by the DVC-A’s Office.
Evening Programme

MAGU offers a multi-stream evening programme which meets on the MAGU Campus two nights per week. Courses meet either on Monday and Thursday evenings or on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Courses begin at 5:30 PM and conclude at 8:30 PM. They run for a period of 25 days, the Final Exam being given on the last day of class.

Inter-Term Programme

The Inter-Term Programme is designed to give busy professionals the opportunity to attend classes at MAGU in a short-block format. Courses are structured to meet for a period of 6 or 7 days depending on their credit value. Students may take up to 6 courses per year in the short-block format and the remaining courses are given as independents.

Independent Courses

MAGU allows students to take accredited independent studies when necessitated by schedule or other conflicts. Independent study courses will be assigned at the approval of the DVC-A.

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