Exploits University Bachelor of Arts in Health Systems Management

Exploits University Bachelor of Arts in Health Systems Management

Information about the Exploits University Bachelor of Arts in Health Systems Management for this Academic year. Applicants can find valuable insights regarding the subject on this page. Welcome to Studyinmalawi.com. The above is information will assist you to make an informed decision.

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Brief History; Exploits University is a multi-campus private university in Malawi. It was registered in 2008 and opened its doors on September 2010, with 96 students starting with the Faculty of Commerce. Exploits University has a student population of over seven hundred studying different. It has campuses in Lilongwe and Blantyre. The University campuses are conveniently located in both cities of Lilongwe and Blantyre. The University is mandated to provide education to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, it conducts research, training, outreach and consultancy.

Details About Exploits University

Bachelor of Arts in Health Systems Management (HSM) prepares students for careers in the administration and organization of health care delivery systems and health services. The HSM degree combines health industry knowledge and application skills with a firm grounding in ethics and liberal arts. HSM is an excellent degree choice for students interested in the business side of health and health care.


Semester 1

  1. Business Mathematics I
  2. Financial Accounting I
  3. Communication Studies I
  4. Micro Economics
  5. HIV/AIDS Education
Semester 2

  1. Business Mathematics II
  2. Financial Accounting II
  3. Communication Studies II
  4. Macro Economics
  5. Organizational Behaviour
Semester 1

  1. Business Statistics I
  2. Cost Accounting
  3. General Principles of Law
  4. Management Principles and Practice
  5. Information Technology Packages I
Semester 2

  1. Business Statistics II
  2. Cost Accounting II
  3. Business Law
  4. International Business Management
  5. Information Technology Packages II
Semester 1

  1. Research Methodology
  2. Management Information Systems
  3. Communication Management
  4. Legal Environment
Semester 2

  1. Financial Management
  2. Poverty Health and Development
  3. Strategic Management
  4. Health Economics
Semester 1

  1. Health Systems Design and Reforms
  2. Disaster Preparedness and Management
  3. Management of Drugs and Medical Supplies
  4. Health Planning and Policy
Semester 2

  1. Maternal and Child Health
  2. Role of State and Non State actors in health
  3. Risk Analysis, Prevention, Control and Management
  4. District Health Governance, Accountability, and Communication Participation
  5. Dissertation

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