Blantyre International University Bachelor of Human Resource Management

Blantyre International University Bachelor of Human Resource Management

Information about the Blantyre International University BIU Bachelor of Human Resource Management for this Academic year. Applicants can find valuable insights regarding the subject on this page. Welcome to The above is information will assist you to make an informed decision.

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Brief History; Blantyre International University BIU) was established in 2008 to provide high quality university education for this century. This is predicated on its belief that education must be life-long – that education is not a spatial monopoly of something called the school and college; not a time-bound learning experience; there is no such thing as childhood education, adolescent education, youth education, or adult education.

Details About Blantyre International University BIU

Development of human resources in all organizations requires a strategic approach that ensures that all those involved understand the value of each member and treat and manage them as a key resource. Human Resource Development Management and development serves market and industry needs by equipping learners with theoretical and practical skills in the field of HRM. Through this programme, BIU aims to develop HR professionals who will be the drivers of the economy leading to the attainment of the country’s strategic development goals. Further, through this programme BIU will also be in a position to compete globally as a world class university.

Responding to a growing demand for qualified human resources (HR) professionals, the Bachelor of Human Resources Management (BHRM) will provide you with specialized training in all aspects of HR management.
The Bachelor of Human Resource Management program at Blantyre International University is committed to providing educational excellence through carefully constructed, specialized, and functional human resource courses. This curriculum will provide a strong grounding in broad-based fundamental human resource management knowledge and skills to prepare students for meaningful and productive careers as human resource managers and professionals.

Graduates will benefit from a curriculum that draws on a range of disciplines including business, economics, sociology, history, social science, psychology, philosophy, political science, Industrial relations and law. This integrated approach will enable graduates to develop the research, analytical and management skills required by the profession.
Graduates will be able to combine the theory and practice of human resource management with an interpersonal/cross-cultural understanding of the diverse global environment.

The program focuses on the active involvement of the student in the learning process and the effective application of human resource management theory. An internship project will prepare students for careers in the growing field of Human Resource Management.

Learning Outcomes

The Bachelor of Human Resource Management program will provide students with the opportunity to achieve the following human resource learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage human resources
  • Describe trends in the labour force composition and how they affect human resource management
  • Describe the fundamental concepts and rules of law that apply to business activities, the employment function, and labour
  • Demonstrate knowledge of human behaviour in organizations and the role of management strategies, including motivational theory to influence behaviour
  • Communicate management decisions via written memos, revising employee handbook policy, and oral presentations
  • Compare the common methods for recruiting and selecting human resources
  • Summarize how to implement successful training and development programs
  • Integrate teamwork, leadership and motivational skills to organizational scenarios and evaluate outcomes
  • Explain the labour movement and its impact on businesses in the United States and worldwide
  • Examine and appraise contemporary issues as it relates to human resources
  • Demonstrate cultural awareness by summarizing global human resource perspectives and policy
  • Research and design compensation plans and benefit programs appropriate for various types of organizations

Entry Requirements

Applicants for admission into HRM undergraduate programme will be subject to selective screening based on academic achievement at the secondary level. The table below shows the standards for evaluating secondary school’s credentials for undergraduate admission.

Examination Minimum Requirement

Malawi School Certificate of Education [ MSCE ] or IGSCE/GSCE A full certificate with at least six credit passes including English and Mathematics plus one of the following subjects:

  • Business Studies
  • Principles of Accounting

A-Level One ‘A’ level pass
IB – One upper level pass
Mature Entry –   Diploma in relevant field of study plus Work or Business Experience of three years or more

Exemption Policy

A student may, in approved cases, be exempted from certain levels or courses or both provided that the student shall have successfully completed an approved or equivalent university level courses elsewhere and that the student shall be required to complete at least half (50%) of the programme through Blantyre International University. Specifically, the following persons may apply for a 50% exemption:

a) A person who has obtained a degree from this or another university.
b) A person who has obtained a three-year Diploma from a recognised institution of higher learning.

Where a person does not qualify to apply for a 50% exemption, the academic transcripts will be examined and placement determined by the Academic Committee.

Degree Course Duration

The duration of this degree programme is four years.

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