MUST Bachelor of Science in Meteorology and Climate Science

MUST Bachelor of Science in Meteorology and Climate Science

Information about the Malawi University of Science and Technology MUST Bachelor of Science in Meteorology and Climate Science for this Academic year. Applicants can find valuable insights regarding the subject on this page. Welcome to The above is information will assist you to make an informed decision.

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Brief History; The Malawi University of Science and Technology is a public university in Thyolo in South Malawi. It was established on 17 December 2012. MUST opened doors in March 2014, the first undergraduate programmes were: 1. Metallurgy and Materials Engineering 2. Chemical Engineering 3. Biomedical Engineering

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Meteorology and climate science helps us to understand and predict changes in the Earth’s atmosphere. This is of paramount importance in developing countries like Malawi whose socio-economic development is largely dependent on its agro-based economy. Over 85% of the total population in Malawi is dependent upon rain fed agricultural production, which is highly vulnerable to frequent weather and climatic shocks such as floods and drought. Other important sectors of society that are also highly sensitive to weather and climate include tourism, disaster management, trade, aviation and health. Climate Change and variability is an additional pressure on the country’s socio-economic development, with Malawi being the most prone countries in the sub Saharan Africa. Projected climate change scenarios in Malawi indicate an increase in temperature and erratic rainfall events, coupled by a decrease in total annual rainfall and water availability. These will in turn impact heavily on the agricultural sector thereby increasing poverty levels.
It is evident that the sustenance of Malawi’s economy base needs specialized human capacity in meteorology, climate and related atmospheric sciences with a considerable understanding of the behaviour of the Earth’s atmospheric conditions, and the subsequent responses to both human and natural inputs. This human capacity will also be key to the provision of accurate weather and climate information which is essential for planning and managing socio-economic production, particularly under changing climate. Presently, there is no institution in Malawi offering such a specialised undergraduate degree programme.
This programme has therefore been designed to address Malawi’s specific capacity needs in meteorology, climate and related atmospheric sciences. The programme has been designed by integrating the basics with advanced and applied aspects of meteorology and climate science such as monitoring and analysis of the climatic system and processes, forecasting at various temporal and spatial scales, climate modelling, climate change science and future scenarios analysis, weather information communication and dissemination and early warning systems, and disaster management.

Career Prospects
Graduates can work for media houses, consultancy, education, agriculture, military, and national meteorological services as meterologists. As climate science experts they can work in the emerging areas related to climate change. Of course, climate change mitigation is growing in areas including energy efficiency, renewable energy, carbon monitoring, agriculture and transportation systems. Climate Science is designed to give graduates the broad understanding of many of these areas, coupled with the quantitative ability to solve problems.


Four Years

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