MUST Bachelor of Science in Disaster Risk Management

MUST Bachelor of Science in Disaster Risk Management

Information about the Malawi University of Science and Technology MUST Bachelor of Science in Disaster Risk Management for this Academic year. Applicants can find valuable insights regarding the subject on this page. Welcome to The above is information will assist you to make an informed decision.

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Brief History; The Malawi University of Science and Technology is a public university in Thyolo in South Malawi. It was established on 17 December 2012. MUST opened doors in March 2014, the first undergraduate programmes were: 1. Metallurgy and Materials Engineering 2. Chemical Engineering 3. Biomedical Engineering

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Disasters such as earthquakes, droughts, cyclones, floods, storm winds, landslides, lightening, emerging infectious diseases and pests such as locusts and tsunamis often occur at the least expected time. Some of these, for instance cyclones, floods and droughts, are of late increasing in their severity, frequency and destructiveness. Climate change effects are expected to amplify over 90% of these disasters. In most cases, the poor are the most affected whenever disasters occur as they do not have the resources or any other means to cope and rebuild.
Malawi, like the rest of the world, is prone to both natural and manmade disasters. For developing countries like Malawi, the resulting fatalities in all social groups, critical infrastructure as well as environmental damage undermines hard won developmental achievements, thereby reversing economic growth and progress towards the elimination of extreme poverty. Furthermore, disasters render many people destitute as their livelihoods are mostly dependent on agriculture. Investing in disaster preparedness is therefore important as this will reduce the need for humanitarian action when disasters strike.
From the foregoing, it is imperative that there should be deliberate efforts to develop specialized capacity in the field of Disaster Risk Management in Malawi equipped with applicable understanding of the nature of disasters and their socio-economic impact on societies. This human capacity will be key to the provision of disaster management services including: detection, early warnings of emerging disasters, mitigation, resilience, recovery and reconstruction. Furthermore, these specialists will play a key role in advising government and other stakeholders on appropriate response to disasters.
This programme has therefore been designed to address specific capacity needs in Disaster Risk Management. The programme integrates the basics with advanced and applied aspects relating to Disaster Risk Management. Student research is a key component of the programme where the students will have the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical framework of Disaster Risk Management.

Career Prospects
They say that disasters cannot be stopped from happening but their impact can be minimised by managing the risk factors. As such, graduates under this programme can work in various areas of disaster management and sustainable development.


Four Years

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