MUST Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practice

MUST Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practice

Information about the Malawi University of Science and Technology MUST Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practice for this Academic year. Applicants can find valuable insights regarding the subject on this page. Welcome to The above is information will assist you to make an informed decision.

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Brief History; The Malawi University of Science and Technology is a public university in Thyolo in South Malawi. It was established on 17 December 2012. MUST opened doors in March 2014, the first undergraduate programmes were: 1. Metallurgy and Materials Engineering 2. Chemical Engineering 3. Biomedical Engineering

Details About Malawi University MUST


IKSP uniquely combines different disciplines that relate to human cultures. It provides students with opportunities to understand various aspects of the human condition, knowledge and skills on the way humans relate to one another, sustain and protect life, use and conserve the natural and spiritual worlds.
It is comprehensive and enriching as it draws inspiration from human cultures. Examples of applications of the programme are the development and production of ceramics ware (e.g. cups, tea-pots, plates, tiles, and decorative wares like vases and figurines); herbal drugs; paintings and designs; viewing of life styles, diets, architectural designs, and world from alternative perspectives; the protection of endangered knowledge and skills; appreciation of local reasoning and the ethical dimensions from the local perspectives.
The programme also provides a critical understanding of indigenous knowledge as applicable in real life. Students engage in theoretical debates and carry out practical projects.

Career Prospects
Graduates can create self-jobs or get employed in various occupational fields such as academic, corporate and business, government (planners, researchers, managers, arts and crafts officers, curators, conservators, museum or heritage experts, monument officers); community-based jobs (programme designers, implementers).


Four Years

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