Malawi University BEng in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

Malawi University BEng in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

Information about the Malawi University of Science and Technology MUST BEng in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering for this Academic year. Applicants can find valuable insights regarding the subject on this page. Welcome to The above is information will assist you to make an informed decision.

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Brief History; The Malawi University of Science and Technology is a public university in Thyolo in South Malawi. It was established on 17 December 2012. MUST opened doors in March 2014, the first undergraduate programmes were: 1. Metallurgy and Materials Engineering 2. Chemical Engineering 3. Biomedical Engineering

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Metallurgy and Materials Engineering deals with all aspects of metal and non-metal processing and manufacturing. It combines Mineral Processing, Extractive Metallurgy, and Materials Science. Mineral Processing Engineering deals with the extraction, separation, and concentration of minerals from raw ores. Extractive Metallurgy focuses on refining processes, such as pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy, and electrometallurgy, through which concentrates are refined into a pure metal form. Materials Science emphasizes the study of physical and chemical properties associated with metals, ceramics, glasses, plastics, and slag.

The science of materials is a branch that examines the properties of materials, their structures at the atomic Year and their behaviour, and also explores new types of materials, thus making it possible for these newly-discovered materials to be used in various industrial areas.
Malawi is endowed with a number of natural resources such as land, water, fish, forests and minerals which provide the basis for the socio-economic development of the country.

Traditionally, the Malawi economy has relied heavily on agricultural resources. However in recent years there has been increased activity in the historically undeveloped minerals sector. Through this programme, the University intends to contribute to the solid training of professionals with fundamental knowledge and technical know-how to sustainably add value to minerals and other natural resources. Malawi University  BEng in Metallurgy.

Career Prospects
Graduates in this field can work virtually in any manufacturing company that deals with metals and other materials as raw products. These include the mining, iron and steel industries. With countries trying hard to add value to their natural resources, especially minerals, there is high demand for experts in this field.


5 Years

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