How to Buy Airtel Malawi Shares

How to Buy Airtel Malawi Shares

How to Buy Airtel Malawi Shares? Airtel Malawi is a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel International, which operates in 14 countries across Africa and Asia. As part of a global business, Airtel Malawi benefits from economies of scale, shared experience of other operations and guidance from our parent company.

Airtel Malawi is a leading mobile telecommunications company connecting millions of Malawians to the world through unrivalled data and voice solutions, as well as high speed, fixed broadband internet services. Airtel also offers the largest mobile money service in the country through Airtel Money.

This is a significant and exciting milestone in the evolution of Airtel Malawi plc. The listing of Airtel Malawi plc on the MSE presents a unique opportunity for Malawians to share in the growth prospects of the company.

Steps to follow if you want to buy Airtel Malawi Shares

  1. Visit
  2. Find about the Current Share Price.
  3. Make an informed Decision
  4. Become part of Airtel Malawi

1. So what has Airtel Malawi plc announced?
Airtel Malawi plc has announced its intention to list on the main board of the Malawi Stock Exchange (MSE). The listing is subject to market conditions and approvals from the requisite authorities.

2. When will customers be able to buy Airtel Malawi plc shares?
Firstly, all Malawians, not just customers can apply for shares in Airtel Malawi plc. Those potential investors can apply for shares once we provide information that the offer is open. We will announce the date once we have the requisite approvals.

3. How will investors be informed of these developments and the application process?
Potential investors will receive information through the normal channels. A pre-listing statement that will contain relevant details relating to the offer, the offer price and the application process will be published in the media and online in advance of the offer opening.

4. Why list now?
Airtel Malawi plc’s licence to operate is subject to the Communications Act of 2016. One of the objectives of the Act is to encourage the participation of indigenous Malawians in the telecoms sector. Under this law, electronic communications licencing requires that Airtel Malawi plc maintains a local shareholding of at least 20%.
The listing of Airtel Malawi plc presents a unique opportunity for Malawians to share in the company’s growth prospects.

5. Does anything change with regard to my Airtel Malawi product or service as a result of the listing/listing process?
No. The products and services that you currently receive from Airtel Malawi plc are not impacted by the listing process. A listing is a process whereby a private company converts to be a publicly listed company on a stock exchange – in this case, the Malawi Stock Exchange.

6. Will the intended listing result in any pricing changes?
No. The intended listing will ensure the long term sustainability of the business and enable Malawians to participate in the growth of Airtel.

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