Mzuzu University Scholarship Opportunities 2022-2023

Mzuzu University Scholarship Opportunities 2022-2023

Information about the Mzuzu University Scholarship Opportunities for this Academic year. Applicants can find valuable insights regarding the subject on this page. Welcome to The above is information will assist you to make an informed decision.

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Brief History; Mzuzu University is one of the principal universities of Malawi. The school is located in Mzuzu, in the northern region of Malawi. It was founded in 1997 and accepted its first students in 1999. There is much talk about the continuing decline of Malawi’s economy and the challenges it poses to the country’s planned growth agenda. In academia, the effects of economic instability are evident in the number of students dropping out of university and those unable to pursue higher education due to a lack of fees.

Details About Mzuzu University

In spite of the prevailing economic woes and challenges faced by our students, Mzuzu University (Mzuni) is intent on fulfilling its mandate to provide high-quality education, training, research and complimentary services to meet the technological, social and economic needs of individuals and communities in Malawi. As such, our commitment to enabling and increasing equal access to quality higher education for all is unwavering.

Since opening its doors in July 1997 as the country’s second public institution of higher learning, Mzuni has relied solely on government funding and students’ tuition fees for its operations. The University has since then graduated over 3,000 students in the fields of Education, Environmental Sciences, Information Science & Communications, Health Sciences, and Tourism & Hospitality Management.

Mzuni’s current enrolment is over 3,500 students from all 28 districts of Malawi studying towards qualifications in Science and Arts Education, Mathematics, Forestry, Renewable Energy Technologies, Land Management, Physical Planning, Water Resources Management, Fisheries, Library & Information Sciences, ICT, Nursing & Midwifery, Biomedical Sciences, Optometry, Tourism & Hospitality Management, Security Studies, Theology, Transformative Community Development and Information Theory, Coding & Cryptography.

Mzuni also offers Open and Distance Learning to students using print media, multimedia, internet-based media, and web technology to deliver its programmes.

Mzuni also has a Centre for Security Studies; Centre of Excellence in Water and Sanitation; and the Test and Training Centre for Renewable Energy Technologies.

The future of our youth is in our hands!

Mzuni views the current economic situation in our country as a golden opportunity for everyone in Malawi to participate in securing the future of our youth through financial and material donations that will enable them to pursue their academic dreams to fruition and contribute meaningfully to the national economy after graduation. For the reason that our students are market-ready when they graduate, a majority of Mzuni graduates have gone on to pursue lucrative careers in their chosen fields both here in Malawi and abroad, and are an example of the far-reaching impact of quality education on the national, and indeed, global arena.

In this 2014/2015 academic year alone, Mzuni offered study places to 599 academically deserving students. These are young people who earned excellent MSCE results from secondary schools across the country and were selected to take up their first year of study at Mzuni. Due to lack of funds for their tuition and upkeep, however, many of the selected students have been forced to withdraw from their studies with little or no hope for another chance at higher education. Their dream of acquiring a University education shattered before they have even started! Many other continuing students at the University have similarly been forced to reserve their places of study while they return home to seek funding for their education.

These are high academic achievers on whom the country is relying to take up the mantle of leadership in the near future – be it in the private or public sector. These students are our future leaders, captains of industry, business moguls, civil servants, entrepreneurs and professionals of all kinds. Their lives start now and their future is in our hands! Or, shall we say our future is in their hands!

We, as a university, society and nation, cannot sit back and watch their talent, potential and abilities go to waste!

Dreams can come true!

In response to this dire situation that is fast turning the University into a revolving door of unfulfilled opportunity, Mzuni is set to formally launch the Mzuzu University Student Scholarship Fund (MSSF) in early2015. Several corporations have already indicated an interest in providing much-needed support. Through this Fund the institution will

assist needy and academically deserving students to pursue their higher education and fulfil their dreams. This is in line with our motto of “Self Reliance, Service Perfection”.

To kick off the fund-raising campaign, Mzuni is hosting its first fundraising concert with the award-winning reggae band the Black Missionaries at Mzuzu Lodge on Sunday, 14 December 2014 of which gate takings will go towards the MSSF. It is our sincere hope that you will be among those that attend the event and that you will spread the word to your colleagues, business associates and family to come and join us on the day.

Aside from funds drawn from various planned activities that will take place throughout the coming year(s), the first being the above fund-raising concert, the MSSF is relying on donations from well-wishing individuals, Mzuni alumni, parents, staff, companies, organisations and friends of Mzuzu University, international partners and Malawians in the Diaspora for its sustainability.

Together we can!

You have a crucial role to play in making this dream come true. Without your contribution and support, we will fall short in our efforts to educate Malawi’s young leaders. No contribution is too small. Whatever you contribute will go a long way in giving hope to and securing the future for these young students. Together we can keep these desperately needy but deserving students in University.

If you are able to contribute to the Fund, please deposit your contributions into the following Bank Account:


Mzuzu University Students’ Scholarship Fund


Standard bank



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0140034739000

Those wishing to donate from outside Malawi can contribute through our foreign exchange accounts held with Malawi Savings Bank as follows:


HSBC BANK plc, London (as an Intermediary bank) SWIFT Code: MIDLGB22

Sort Code: 40-52-87

Favour: Crown Agents Bank


Account Number: 41275925

For further credit to Malawi Savings Bank Limited SWIFT Code MSBLMWMW

Account Number 33047003

Narrative: Mzuzu University Account Number 4024479777001


Bank of New York, New York (as Intermediary bank) SWIFT Code: IRVTUS3N

Favour: Crown Agents Bank


Account Number: 8900319011

For further credit to Malawi Savings Bank Limited SWIFT Code: MSBLMWMW

Account Number: 33047104

Narrative: Mzuzu University Account Number 4004446054001


Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt (as Intermediary bank) SWIFT Code: DEUTDEFF

Favour: Crown Agents Bank Limited


Account Number: 9608217

IBAN: DE35500700100960821700

For further credit to Malawi Savings Bank Limited


Account Number: 9021280

Narrative: Mzuzu University Account Number 4044446054002

This appeal will be posted on our Website indicating all the bank account details to enable you to deposit your donation from wherever you are in the event that you cannot join us at the fund-raising concert at Mzuzu Tourist Lodge on 14 December 2014.

If you are able to join us at the concert, you have the option of presenting your financial and/or material pledges and donations to us at the event. Each and every donation will be acknowledged and greatly appreciated. Any cheques presented must be made out to Mzuzu University Student Scholarship Fund.

Make your donation count! Get involved!

We are confident that if we work together to keep our young people in University, our country’s future will be assured.

Mzuzu University is a national treasure, and so are our students!

Let’s Talk!

For more information on how you can contribute to the Mzuzu University Student Scholarship Fund, please contact the following:

Mr William Mvalo

The Trust Fund Manager

Address: Mzuzu University, Private Bag 201, Luwinga, Mzuzu 2


Tel.: +265 (0) 1 320 604

Cell: +265 99 372 6181


Dr Loveness Kaunda Deputy Vice Chancellor

Address: Mzuzu University, Private Bag 201, Luwinga, Mzuzu 2


Tel.: +265 (0) 1 320 987 ext. 204

Cell: +265 88 402 9191

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