Mzuzu University Examination Timetable and Results

Mzuzu University Examination Timetable and Results

Information about the Mzuzu University Examination Timetable and Results for this Academic year. Applicants can find valuable insights regarding the subject on this page. Welcome to The above is information will assist you to make an informed decision.

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Brief History; Mzuzu University is one of the principal universities of Malawi. The school is located in Mzuzu, in the northern region of Malawi. It was founded in 1997 and accepted its first students in 1999.

How To Check Mzuzu Examination Timetable

You can visit and Access the Mzuzu University Timetable using a computer or mobile via the following link:

  • Mzuzu University End Of Semester Timetable:

Publication of End of Semester Examination Results

2.3.1The University Registrar shall be responsible for the publication of the end of semester examination results as approved by the Senate.

2.3.2Lists of successful candidates shall be posted on University notice boards and the University Registrar shall notify every candidate in writing.

2.3.3The results obtained by a candidate in any examination shall not be published unless and until he/she has paid all fees and other monies due and payable to the University.

2.4Procedure for Academic Appeals

2.4.1There shall be an Academic Appeals Committee which shall hear and decide on appeals against the decision of Senate.

2.4.2Any complaint on academic grounds shall, in the first place be directed to the respective Dean who shall consider the complaint in consultation with the aggrieved student’s head of departmentSuch a complaint shall be made within 21 days of the announcement of results.

2.4.3Where the complaint has been resolved, the respective Dean shall report the outcome directly to Senate. If the student is dissatisfied with the Dean’s decision, the student shall be advised to direct his/her complaint to the Vice Chancellor, who shall institute an appeals committee.

2.4.4The appellant shall be heard on his/her appeal either orally or in writing and shall where necessary bear the cost of his/her travel, accommodation and upkeep during the appeals proceedings.

2.4.5The appellant shall pay all the necessary fees related to appeals as shall be determined by the Council.

2.4.6The decision of Appeals Committee shall be final.

2.5Supplementary Examinations Repeating of Courses and Withdrawal from University

2.5.1The following is the grading system for end of semester academic assessments:


– 100



– 44



0 – 34



2.5.2A student who scores an average of 70% and has no mark below 65% in any subject/course/unit will appear on the Dean’s List.

2.5.3A student who scores supplementable grades in not more than two subjects/courses/units per semester shall write supplementary examinations in those subject/courses/units.

2.5.4A student who scores three or more supplementable grades shall repeat the failed subjects/courses/units in the following academic year.


2.5.5A student who scores one or two unsupplementable grade(s) shall repeat the course(s) in the following year. In the event that the student chooses to repeat the course(s) in the following semester, s/he may make special tutoring arrangements with the department. In the event that the department is not in a position to offer tutoring, the student may opt for self-study.

2.5.6A student who scores three or more unsupplementable grades shall be withdrawn.

2.5.7A student who fails the supplementary examinations shall repeat the subject/course/unit as long as he/she does not contravene sections 2.5.4 and 2.5.6.

2.5.8A student shall be allowed to repeat once only. A student who fails after repeating shall be withdrawn.

2.5.9A student writing a supplementary examination, and/or repeating a subject/course/unit shall pay fees as determined by Council.

2.5.10In a supplementary examination a student who scores a mark above 45% will have their mark scaled down to 45%. A supplementary examination grade shall not include continuous assessment grades

2.5.11A student will normally sit a supplementary examination at the first opportunity made available by the University.

2.6Deferred Examinations

2.6.1Deferred examinations shall normally be administered concurrently with supplementary examinations.

2.6.2A student who is unable to write an examination, may apply for a deferred examination.

2.6.3A student shall be eligible for deferred examinations under the following circumstances:

i)Illness supported by valid medical evidence submitted to the University Registrar prior to examination date,

ii)Bereavement due to loss of parents, guardians, children, spouse or siblings during the examination period,

iii)Incapacitation with evidence during examination period.

2.6.4A student who fails a deferred examination shall normally write supplementary examinations two weeks after the results of the examination.


2.7Misconduct in Examinations

2.7.1Misreading the examination timetable will not be accepted as an excuse for missing exams. Students should consult the examination timetable displayed before each examination session.

2.7.2Students should arrive fifteen (15) minutes before the start of an examination and must have their student identity cards with them.

2.7.3Any candidate found guilty of misconduct in an examination may be disqualified not only in that examination and subject, but also from all other examinations, and the University may take further disciplinary action.

2.7.4Cheating in any University Examination, shall include:

i)The introduction, or attempt to introduce into any place where an examination is about to be administered or is being administered, any book, notes, or any unauthorized material e.g. mobile phones.

ii)The removal or attempted removal from an examination room of any examination book or writing paper supplied by the University for answering an examination.

iii)The use of a false name or identity number in examinations, tests and other forms of assessment conducted by the University.

iv)The submission for examination as own work any written matter

which has been copied, reproduced or extracted in part or whole from the work of another student or some other person.

v)Collaborating with another person to write an examination on behalf of a bona fide student.

vi)Submission of a fake or doctored medical report as a plea for failure to present oneself during University examinations.

Mzuzu University Contact Address

Academic Registrar
Mzuzu University of
Science and Technology
P. O. Box 1410,
Tel. +256-414 668971
Liaison Office
Uganda Institute of Allied
Health and Management
Sciences (UIAHMS)
Former Mulago
Paramedical School
Mukiibi Yasin
Head, School of Med Lab
Liaison Office
Uganda Technology
and Management
University (UTAMU)
Bugolobi, Kampala
Grace Nakawunde
Liaison Office
Jinja School of
Nursing and
Jinja Kwihangana
Gerald (Registra

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