UNIMA The Polytechnic Bachelor of Science Statistics and Computing

UNIMA The Polytechnic Bachelor of Science Statistics and Computing

This article contains information about the University of Malawi UNIMA The Polytechnic Bachelor of Science Statistics and Computing for this year. Most often Applicants find it difficult to get useful details about the topic. Welcome to Studyinmalawi.com. The above is a detailed description of UNIMA The Polytechnic.

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Brief History; The University is inviting prospects to apply for admission to begin their Tertiary school journey, guiding their path to their career choice. Application forms are filled out and sent online in most circumstances, though physical copies may be accepted in some situations. Our page gives you information about what to aspect.

Name: Bachelor of Science Mathematical Sciences Education (Statistics and Computing)
Faculty: Faculty of Applied Sciences
Level: Undergraduate
Period: 4 years
Award: Bachelors Degree

Criteria for Admission

Entry in Year 1

MSCE, “O” Level, IGCSE, GCE with Six Credits including Mathematics, English, and General Science.

Entry in Year 3
MSCE with six credits including Mathematics, English and General Science, and a Diploma in Education from the well-recognized institution and at least 2 years working experience in a related field.

Roles of Statisticians

Statistician John Tukey (1915-2000) was key in developing ideas embraced by statisticians, such as exploratory techniques in order to better understand the data, which then leads to procedures such as hypothesis testing. Statisticians put much importance on the rigour of their analyses and incorporate theory into solving problems of uncertainty. These theories inform the methods to help establish scientific underpinnings to problems and their solutions.

Roles of Computer Scientists

Computer scientists tend to focus on data acquisition/cleaning, retrieval, mining, and reporting. They are often tasked with the development of algorithms for prediction and systems efficiency. Focus is also placed on machine learning (an aspect of artificial intelligence), particularly for the purposes of data mining (finding patterns and associations in data for a variety of purposes, such as marketing and finance).

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