UNIMA The Polytechnic Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)

UNIMA The Polytechnic Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)

This article contains information about the University of Malawi UNIMA The Polytechnic Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing) for this year. Most often Applicants find it difficult to get useful details about the topic. Welcome to Studyinmalawi.com. The above is a detailed description of UNIMA The Polytechnic.

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Brief History; The University is inviting prospects to apply for admission to begin their Tertiary school journey, guiding their path to their career choice. Application forms are filled out and sent online in most circumstances, though physical copies may be accepted in some situations. Our page gives you information about what to aspect.

Important Details About University of Malawi UNIMA

The Business Administration – Marketing program enables students to learn about key management skills and the promotion of products, companies and businesses. Students will gain a clear understanding of consumer behaviour, market research, sales promotional tactics and the extremely important field of logistics.

Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)
Faculty of Commerce
4 years
Bachelors Degree

Admission Requirements

Every candidate must satisfy the University of Malawi general entrance requirements as determined by the Senate and specific requirements for entry for the Faculty of Commerce.

Normal Entry

Eligible candidates for year one should have six credits including Mathematics and English at MSCE or its equivalent.

Mature Entry

Eligible candidates should have Advanced Diploma/Diploma in Business Administration or Management or related programmes or other related qualifications from a recognized University or Institution of higher learning or examining body or accredited programmes of the University of Malawi; plus:

  • MSCE or its equivalent with 4 credits including English and Mathematics.
  • A minimum of 2 years of works experience in a commerce related field after obtaining the relevant Advanced Diploma/Diploma qualification.

Mature entry candidates can join year 2 or 3 depending on their qualifications.

Multiple Exits

The programme has multiple exits as follows:

  • Year Two: Certificate
  • Year Three: Diploma
  • Year Four: Degree

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