UNIMA College of Medicine Mature Entry Intake 2022-2023

UNIMA College of Medicine Mature Entry Intake 2022-2023

Information about the University of Malawi UNIMA College of Medicine Mature Entry Intake during the current year. Regularly Applicants find it hard to get valuable insights regarding the subject. Welcome to Studyinmalawi.com. The above is an itemized depiction of UNIMA College of Medicine.

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Brief History; The University is inviting possibilities to apply for admission to begin their Tertiary school venture, guiding their way to their vocation decision. Application structures are rounded out and sent online in many conditions, however actual duplicates might be acknowledged in certain circumstances. Our page gives you information regarding what to the viewpoint.

Significant Details About University of Malawi UNIMA College of Medicine

1. Minimum Entry Requirements for all applicants Interested applicants should meet the following minimum requirements:
a) A Malawi School Certificate of Education or any equivalent O-Level qualification with at least 4 subjects passed with credit (6 subjects for some programmes) including ENGLISH LANGUAGE and other subjects specified in the table under point (d) below.
b) A University of Malawi Diploma or, a relevant Diploma from accredited programmes of the University of Malawi such as those offered at Domasi
College of Education, Natural Resources College, Malawi College for Health Sciences, Theological College, St. John of God College or an equivalent Diploma from a recognized Institution of higher learning.
c) A minimum of 2 years post Diploma relevant work experience in a field related to the programme applied for

  • 6 Subjects passed with credit at MSCE including English, Biology, Physical Science (or Chemistry/Physics) and Mathematics and a recognized Diploma in Clinical Medicine or its equivalent from a recognized institution plus at least two years working experience as a clinical officer providing surgical and other clinical care services, relevant to the programme chosen at a district or rural hospital. General clinical officers are also encouraged to apply for 3-year upgrading programmes leading to BAI (Hon) and BTO (Hon). Clinical officers already with Diplomas in Anesthesia or Orthopedics will do 2-year upgrading programmes leading to BAI and BTO respectively.
  • Candidates must be registered with the Medical Council of Malawi. Additionally, candidates must demonstrate evidence of leadership skills, excellent communication skills, and commitment to providing clinical services at district or rural/mission hospitals in Malawi.

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