UNIMA Chancellor College Classics Department

UNIMA Chancellor College Classics Department

This article contains information about the University of Malawi UNIMA Chancellor College Classics Department for this year. Most often Applicants find it difficult to get useful details about the topic. Welcome to Studyinmalawi.com. The above is a detailed description of UNIMA The Chancellor College.

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Works of art are the investigation of the dialects, culture and history of the civilisations of antiquated Greece and Rome. This is the centre of works of art, yet the Greeks and Romans additionally collaborated with and were impacted by different societies, particularly those of the old Near East and Egypt, so we likewise incorporate some investigation of those societies and their cooperations with the Greeks and Romans. Since it incorporates each part of these antiquated civilisations, works of art can incorporate a wide assortment of subjects, from the legends of Homer to the design of Greek sanctuaries or the development of the Roman Empire. In our courses, we attempt to mirror this assortment quite far.


The Classics Department offers:

  • A first-year course introducing the history and politics of ancient Greece and Rome, and second-year courses studying ancient mythology and epic, and the writings and methods of ancient historians.
  • In the third and fourth years students can take courses on Greek and Latin literature in translation, women in the ancient world, Greek and Roman religion, and archaeology and art.
  • We also offer classes in Greek and Latin language from beginners to advanced levels.

Greek and Roman cultures had an enormous influence on European culture and thought for centuries, and continue to be widely used and adapted today, in postcolonial contexts as well as their more traditional areas. Together with the interdisciplinary nature of the subject, this means there are many links between classics and subjects studied in other departments. Classics is relevant to the study of language, literature and drama, philosophy, religion and mythology, and art and architecture, so it combines well with other areas of the humanities.


As a work of art office in Africa, we attempt to relate our courses to a Malawian and African setting. For instance, in studying folklore we contrast antiquated legends and those of Malawi and other African nations, and we contrast old epic sonnets and those of Africa like the West African epic of Sunjata. In the old writing courses, we talk about African transformations of traditional works, particularly the numerous African variants of Greek dramatizations. In a more extensive manner, when teaching the set of experiences and culture of Greece and Rome we encourage understudies to make examinations with their own setting in Malawi today, and what we can gain from such correlations.

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