University of Malawi UNIMA History 2022-2023

University of Malawi UNIMA History 2022-2023

This article contains information about the University of Malawi UNIMA History for this year. Most often Applicants find it difficult to get useful details about the topic. Welcome to The above is a detailed description of the Application forms into UNIMA, The Chancellor College, The Polytechnic, The College of Medicine, Kamuzu College of Nursing.

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University of Malawi UNIMA Historical Background; The University is inviting prospects to apply for admission to begin their Tertiary school journey, guiding their path to their career choice. Application forms are filled out and sent online in most circumstances, though physical copies may be accepted in some situations. Our page gives you information about what to aspect.

The University of Malawi – the mother college in Malawi – was established in 1964. Showing began on 29th September 1965 at the recently settled grounds which used to be an Asian Secondary School in Blantyre. Just 90 understudies were selected. By 1967, the then Institute of Public Administration at Mpemba, the Soche Hill College of Education, the Polytechnic, every one of these in Blantyre, and Bunda College of Agriculture in Lilongwe were consolidated as constituent schools of the University of Malawi. With the exception of Bunda College and the Polytechnic, different schools moved to Zomba in 1973 to shape the Chancellor College grounds. Kamuzu College of Nursing turned into the fourth constituent school in September 1979. In 1991 the College of Medicine was set up in Blantyre as the fifth constituent school of the University of Malawi.

One can’t consider advanced education in Malawi without discussing the mother, everything being equal, – the University of Malawi. Since its foundation, the University of Malawi has been instrumental in preparing and fostering a solid human asset that has gone to support different areas of society in the nation and the locale. The new blast of colleges in the nation has mostly been conceivable in light of the fact that faculty to run such colleges is promptly accessible, an immense level of which is the University of Malawi prepared. Graduates from the University of Malawi have gone to dominate in another college in the area and past as graduate understudies just as the staff. This validates the nature of graduates that the college stirs.

Notwithstanding the schools, the University of Malawi has Research Centers. These are Center for Social Research; Center for Language Studies; Center for Educational Research and Training; Gender Studies Unit; College of Medicine Research Center; Nursing, Midwifery and Health Sciences Research Center; Management Development Center; Continuing Education Center; Water Sanitation, Health and Technology Development Center; Transport Technology Transfer Center; and Commercial Technical Services Center.

As of now, there are more than 8,000 understudies on authentication, recognition and degree programs. College understudies are conceded to the University subsequent to getting their Malawi School Certificate of Education (comparable to the British ‘O’ level [GCE]), IGCSE. Understudies apply through the National Council for Higher Education which directs the fit choice cycle for all state-funded colleges in the country. The University of Malawi additionally concedes ‘A’ level, International Baccalaureate, National Senior Certificate (NSC) and Advanced Subsidiary (AS) competitors. It additionally runs Mature Entry Programs to provide food for understudies with Diplomas or potentially module related work insight. There are different postgraduate declaration and degree programs on offer.

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