University of Malawi UNIMA Act for 2022-2023

University of Malawi UNIMA Act for 2022-2023

This article contains information about the University of Malawi UNIMA Act for this year. Most often Applicants find it difficult to get useful details about the topic. Welcome to The above is a detailed description of the ACT of UNIMA, The Chancellor College, The Polytechnic, The College of Medicine, Kamuzu College of Nursing.

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Brief History; The University is inviting prospects to apply for admission to begin their Tertiary school journey, guiding their path to their career choice. Application forms are filled out and sent online in most circumstances, though physical copies may be accepted in some situations. Our page gives you information about what to aspect.

Important Details About University of Malawi UNIMA Act

The University of Malawi 2014-2016 Report concerns the University of Malawi’s program of work for the monetary years 2014/15 and 2015/16. The time frame saw a few accomplishments towards the development and authority of the UNIMA–a focal point of greatness in instructing, examination and local area commitment. All through, Council as the administering body accepted the general accountability for scholastic and authoritative undertakings, institutional arrangement and technique, and resources and liabilities, as per segment 10 (1) of the UNIMA Act, and arrangements 5.2.2 and 5.2.3 of the

Set of principles for Board of Directors of Statutory Corporations. Committee, in this way, embraced its order to direct UNIMA as it strived to accomplish its goals in every essential column: Teaching and Learning; Research, Consultancy and Community Engagement; Capacity Building; Governance and Management; and Finance and Resource Mobilization. Board is quick to reposition UNIMA so it ideally adds to the socio-social and monetary improvement of the country reliable with the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS) II, National Education Sector Plan (NESP), and other homegrown and territorial advancement conventions. Thusly, quality, access and manageable development have been sought after in accordance with its vision as an establishment of higher learning.

Reliable with the prior, Council endorsed the advancement of a 10-year key arrangement (SP) to plainly explain the sort of college that the nation ought to hope for over the course of the following 50 years, and the capacities/business measures important to understand the fantasy. To this end, Council appointed, among others, a useful survey and amendment of the UNIMA Act as basic achievement factors for proficient and successful execution of the 10-year Strategic Plan.

In the revealing time frame, Council achievements notwithstanding (I) joined responsibility based program of work for the Vice-Chancellor and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (ii) advancement of eight (8) senior scholastics to full-residency, (iii) enrollment of UNIMA Trust, (iv) agreeable settlements of staff and understudies strikes, (v) commitment the Auditor General in UNIMA review framework, and (vi) observing UNIMA Golden Jubilee.

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