MANEB MSCE Grading System for 2022-2023

MANEB MSCE Grading System for 2022-2023

MANEB MSCE Grading System for 2022-2023- Malawi School Certificate of Education Grading System. After high or Secondary School, Form 4 Students are mandated to sit for the MSCE. This exam allows the student to choose to take examinations in a minimum of six subjects. They can take more, however, it is the top six that are counted towards their final score.

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MSCE Grading System/Interpretation

Grades Score Translation
1 75% – 100% Distinction
2 70% – 74%
3 65%- 69% Credit
4 60% – 64%
5 55% – 59%
6 50% – 54%
7 45% – 49% Pass
8 40% – 44%
9 0% – 39% Fail

To qualify for an MSCE certificate, a student should at least pass English and five other subjects, one of which must be at a credit level.

The top score that a student can receive on their MSCE is a 6, simply meaning that a student scored perfect A’s in six subjects i.e. grades of 1s and 2s which are also required to go to university.

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