List of Credible Taxi Services in Malawi 2022-2023

List of Credible Taxi Services in Malawi 2022-2023

The Information provided was carefully put together from research, they are on this list due to their ratings and customer satisfaction comments. This is a list of Credible Taxi Services in Malawi. If your company didn’t appear here let us know and we will do an intensive search into your company and the services you provide.

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List of Taxi Cab Services both Online and Traditional


Name City Contact
Ashraf’s Taxi Services Lilongwe +265 999 93 33 84
Nyika Taxi Services Mzuzu 33 4313
Nyambo Taxi Services Lilongwe 79 6798
Yellow Taxi Services Lilongwe +265 999860960
Njawala Sinola Taxi Services Blantyre 67 4264
Liviel Taxi Services Blantyre 64 1095, , 65 2006
Mtila Taxi Services Blantyre 62 5092
Anake Taxi Services Lilongwe +265 888 74 39 55
Hometown Taxi Services Lilongwe +265999199586
Streetwave Taxi Services Lilongwe +265 999 47 16 77
Massive Taxi Services Lilongwe +265 990 63 17 41
Yakumudzi Investment Blantyre +265 999 08 00 57
ARK Taxis Lilongwe +265 997 28 84 48


Name City Contact
Ecoride Malawi Lilongwe, Blantyre App Store, Playstore
Nditenge Malawi[TaxiMe] Blantyre App Store, Playstore

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