How to Reverse Wrong Transactions on Airtel Money Malawi

How to Reverse Wrong Transactions on Airtel Money Malawi

Money is Hard to come by these days, but sometimes mistakes happen and there should be a solution. At we are the solution because we bring you information on how to solve search problems. Here is How to Reverse Wrong Transactions on Airtel Money Malawi. If the information was useful please share it with your Friends and Loved ones. You can also Bookmark our Page and visit it anytime you need to recall this information.

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This solution was created to allow clients to reverse their own money if they sent it to the wrong account. This initiative was launched to alleviate customer angst caused by delayed reversals or lost money when funds were sent to incorrect customer accounts.

After the reversal has been introduced, the incorrect recipient must approve the transaction in order for the money to be returned to the sender’s account. When a reversal is initiated, the amount accidentally sent is automatically frozen, keeping the money safe for the owner. The self-reversal solution is only available for on-net Person to Person (P2P) transactions.

Simple Step by Step procedure to Self-Reverse wrong transactions on Airtel Money Malawi

  1. Dial *211#
  2. Proceed to Select option 9My Account
  3. Select option 8My transaction Reversals
  4. Select option 1Initiate transaction reversal
  5. Select option 1Last send transaction

When a customer receives money from the incorrect sender, they will receive a message informing them that they have initiated a reversal. As a result, they must take the following steps:

  1. Dial *211#
  2. Select option 9 “My Account”
  3. Select option 8 “My transaction Reversals”
  4. Select option 1 “Approve pending reversal”

Note: You will receive the money only when the recipient has approved the reversal.

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