How To Register For Telekom Networks Malawi TNM Mpamba

How To Register For Telekom Networks Malawi TNM Mpamba

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What is TNM Mpamba?

TNM Mpamba is an innovative digital financial service provider offering Mobile Money Service (Mpamba). Mpamba is accessible through two channels Mobile Devices and Web Portal.

Who can use TNM Mpamba Service?

TNM Mpamba service can be used by individuals and corporates willing to have smooth and convenient business transactions.

Individual Benefits Corporate Benefits
Money Transfers – P2P, B2P & G2P Bulk Disbursement Service

– Social Cash Transfers

– Allowances

– Salaries, etc.


– Loan Repayments

– Utility Bills, etc.

Airtime Recharges

– Self and 3rd Party

Utility Payments

       – Water, Electricity

Merchant Payments
International Remittance
Push To bank & Push To Wallet
ATM Withdrawals
Investments (Fesa)

Requirements to register Mpamba is 1. You have to be a Subscribe to Telekom Network Malawi. 2. You have to be a great customer. Follow these simple Step by Step Procedures to set up your tnm Mpamba.

  1. Simple Dial *444#
  2. A Pop-up menu will apply, Choose Option 1 and proceed
  3. Enter your First Name; Jane
  4. Enter your Surname Name; Doe
  5. Select your Gender
  6. Enter date of birth in this format: DD/MM/YYYY
  7. Confirm Registration: Select 1
  8. After confirming, It will give you a success message which tells you to dial *444# again and also gives you a pin number which you will have to change later.
  9. Note: The success message can sometimes be in Chichewa completely so just look for a 4 digit number if you don’t understand Chichewa eg. 1090
  10. Dial *444# again.
  11. It will show: Mpamba – Main Menu Select 1(Change Pin)
  12. Enter your pin(the one you received on the success message) ie. 3343
  13. Enter a new pin ie. 1930
  14. Repeat the Pin
  15. Choose Language. Select 1 to choose English.
  16. Select 1 to confirm
  17. After confirmation, you will receive a success message ie. Your identity in Mpamba is activated successfully. your secret word is “secret word“.
  18. Done!! You have Successfully Created a Mpamba ACCOUNT. Start Sending and receiving money from the comfort of your home.

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