How To Register for Premier Bet in Malawi?

How To Register for Premier Bet in Malawi??

If you are looking for how to register for Premier Bet in Malawi, note that it’s the same for Ghana and Kenya. Welcome to, we provide you with information on How To register for Premier Bet in Malawi?

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What is Premier Bet Malawi?

Premier Bet is one of the sports betting companies in Malawi that allows you to place a bet on a favourite team/club to WIN cash prices. An example is betting against Nigeria when they are playing with Malawi. Direct Score

Malawi 2: 1 Nigeria 

You stand a chance to WIN BIG If Malawi scores the predicted amount of Goals Stated, the odds given at the time of betting will earn you more depending on the amount you placed as a bet.

Premier Bet Malawi offers a wide range of football betting games to add to the thrill of following the nation’s favourite sport. Check out our daily selection of real football betting games from across the world and try to predict the outcomes. You can bet on the full-time result, half-time result, a number of goals in a game, and much more besides. Bet online using your computer or visit one of our many fantastic game centres.

Easy Steps to Create an account with Premier Bet Malawi

  1. Go to the Official Premier Bet Malawi Website
  2. At the far right corner Click on Register
  3. A page will appear
  4. Fill in your details and Click Register
  5. Congratulations!! That is it.

How to Download Premier Bet Malawi on your Phone

For Andriod  For iOS
Go to your Playstore Go to Appstore
Type Premier Bet in search Type Premier Bet in search
Click on Download Click on Get
After downloading log in to your Account and Start Betting.

How to Deposit Money into your Premier Bet Malawi Account.

Simple Guide to follow

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on DEPOSIT
  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and choose your preferred payment option.

How to Withdraw Money from Premier Bet to Mpamba?

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on WITHDRAW
  3. Enter the amount to withdraw
  4. Select the Payment Account you wish to withdraw back to

How to Place your First Premier Bet in Malawi

To start with, you really wanted to sign in utilizing your username and secret word. Your username is your telephone number (ex: 2650123456789) on the off chance that you as of late made your record. Login stays as before for existing clients.

  1. After your record is financed essentially make your choices and they will be displayed on your bet slip
  2. Pick your bet type from inside the Single, Combi, or System tab
  3. Enter your stake and snap PLACE.

Any reward that applies to your bet will be shown. Snap on PLACE a subsequent opportunity to present your bet.

Steps to Change your Premier Bet Malawi forgotten password

  1. Click on the login button
  2. Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ button
  3. Go to your inbox and click on the latest email received from Premier Bet
  4. Click on the link and enter your new password

What is the minimum age for participation on Premier Bet Malawi?

  • Betting is strictly restricted to persons who have not attained the legal age.

Withdrawal declined

Withdrawal requests can be declined if our T&C’s are not met. Please ensure you have met the following criteria:

  • Place only one withdrawal request for the full amount
  • Bonus conditions have been met: You have to complete the wagering requirements of bonuses you receive before being allowed to withdraw.
  • Deposit/Withdrawal method mismatch: Please use the same withdrawal method as the one used for your last deposit
  • No bet placed with last deposit: We are not a bank and all (100%) funds deposited have to be played through

List of All Premier Bet Malawi Locations around me?

3 Miles Zomba South Malawi Blantyre road

Area 18 Lilongwe Central Malawi

Area 2 Lilongwe Central Malawi Standard Bank

Area 23 Lilongwe Central Malawi near Chipiku Stores

Area 23 Tank Lilongwe Central Malawi 23, tank road

Area 24 Lilongwe Central Malawi Opposite Chipiku Stores

Area 25A Lilongwe Central Malawi 25 A near Market

Area 25B Lilongwe Central Malawi 25 B Center Point Bar

Area 25C Lilongwe Central Malawi 25 C

Area 3 Lilongwe Central Malawi Opposite NBS Bank,

Area 36 Lilongwe Central Malawi near Cromer Building

Area 49 Lilongwe Central Malawi

Area 49 Dubai Lilongwe Central Malawi

Area 51 Lilongwe Central Malawi Area51

Area49 Baghdad Lilongwe Central Malawi Area 49

BalakaES Balaka South Malawi trading center

Baluti Blantyre Southern Malawi near Market

Bangwe Blantyre Southern Malawi Catholic Primary School

BCA Blantyre Southern Malawi near Market

Biwi Lilongwe Central Malawi near Total filling station

Biwi Triangle Lilongwe Central Malawi Biwi, opposite technical college

Blantyre 1 Southern Malawi Near Immigration Head Office

Blantyre 2 Southern Malawi Blantyre, opposite Axa parking

Blantyre HQ Southern Malawi Blantyre, near the main market

Bvumbwe Southern Malawi near Police Unit

Chemusa Blantyre Southern Malawi M1 road, near market

Chibanja Mzuzu Northern Malawi Mzuzu, Chibanja, Near Tikumphire lodge

Chigumula Blantyre Southern Malawi M2 road, trading center

Chigumula Church Blantyre South Malawi M2 road, trading center

Chigwirizano Lilongwe Central Malawi trading center, near market

Chikunda Blantyre South Malawi trading center, M4 road

Chikwawa Southern Malawi trading center, Blantyre Road

Chileka Blantyre Southern Malawi Airport Road, trading center

Chilinde Lilongwe Central Malawi near Catholic Church

Chilobwe Blantyre Southern Malawi near Police Station

Chilomoni Blantyre Southern Malawi near Market

Chinamwali Zomba Southern Malawi near Market

Chinkoma Central Malawi Mzuzu road, trading center

Chinsapo Lilongwe Central Malawi trading center

Chinsapo 2 Lilongwe Central Malawi trading center

Chiputula Mzuzu Northern Malawi Mzuzu, near airport

Chiradzulu Lilongwe Southern Malawi

Chirimba 1 Blantyre Southern Malawi Blantyre, Chirimba, main road

Chirimba 2 Southern Malawi market

Chitakale Southern Malawi Chitakale, Blantyre road

Chiuzila Lilongwe Central Malawi Near Tank market

Clock Tower Blantyre Southern Malawi Blantyre, clock tower M1 road

Colony Casino Blantyre Southern Malawi Kidney Crescent Road

Dedza Central Malawi trading center

Dowa Central Malawi trading center

Dwangwa Northern Malawi town

Dzaleka Central Malawi trading center

Dzaleka2 Dzaleka Central Malawi trading center

Dzenza Lilongwe Central Malawi trading center

Ekwendeny Northern Malawi trading center, Mzuzu road

Gayisi Blantyre South Malawi Mbayani,

Genda Northern Malawi trading center

Goliati South Malawi trading center

Gologota Lilongwe Central Malawi Area 23

Hilltop Mzuzu Northern Malawi Mzuzu, Hiltop area

Jumbe Blantyre Southern Malawi Machinjiri

Kachere Blantyre Southern Malawi Kachere, near market, Zomba road

Kaliyeka Lilongwe Central Malawi Mchesi area

Kamba Blantyre Southern Malawi Kenyatta Drive

Kameza Blantyre Southern Malawi Kameza, near Chileka Roundabout

Kamwendo Central Malawi trading center

Kanengo Central Malawi Opposite ESCOM station

Kaphiri Lilongwe Central Malawi Market, Blantyre Road

Karonga Northern Malawi trading center

Kasungu Central Malawi

Kasungu 2 Central Malawi market

Katondo Lilongwe Central Malawi Area 24

Kauma Lilongwe Central Malawi near Market

Kawale Lilongwe Central Malawi near PTC Superatte

Kawale 2 Lilongwe Central Malawi

Khama Blantyre Southern Malawi Khama, near Nkolokoti Primary School

Kudya Blantyre Southern Malawi trading center

Lilongwe HQ Central Malawi Area3

Limbe Depot Southern Malawi bus stage

Limbe Escom Southern Malawi Limbe, near ESCOM building

Limbe HQ Southern Malawi Limbe, Churchill road, Post office building

Limbe Market Southern Malawi Limbe, near the market

Limbuli Southern Malawi Limbuli, near Market

Lirangwe FR South Malawi trading center

Liwonde South Malawi Opposite market

Luchenza Southern Malawi Luchenza, near FDH Bank

Lumbazi Central Malawi trading center, M1 road

Lunzu Southern Malawi Lunzu, near BLM Clinic

Madisi Central Malawi Madisi, M1 road

Majiga Blantyre South Malawi Ndirande,

Makawa Southern Malawi Mangochi road, trading center

Malangalanga Lilongwe Central Malawi Old town

Malaysia Blantyre South Malawi Ndirande market

Manase Blantyre Southern Malawi Manase, near market

Mangochi Southern Malawi Market

Mangochi 2 Southern Malawi market

Mangochi Boma South Malawi M10 road

Mangochi Turn Off Liwonde Southern Malawi turnoff,

Manja Blantyre Southern Malawi trading center

Manje Blantyre Southern Malawi Manje, near market

Matawale Blantyre Southern Malawi MATAWALE near Maseko PVT Clinic

Matchansi Lilongwe Central Malawi Kawale trading center

Mbayani Blantyre Southern Malawi MBAYANI near Market

Mchesi Lilongwe Central Malawi Lilongwe, Nchesi area

Mchezi Lilongwe Central Malawi Salima road

Mgona Lilongwe Central Malawi Lilongwe, area

Mitundu Central Malawi near Market

MMG Blantyre Southern Malawi Mahmatma Gandhi Road

Monkey Bay South Malawi bay trading center

Mpingu Lilongwe Central Malawi trading center

Mpondabwino Zomba Southern Malawi MPONDABWINO near Likangala Secondary School

Mponela Central Malawi bus stage

Mugabe Blantyre Southern Malawi near Bangwe Market

Muloza Southern Malawi trading center

Mwanza FR South Malawi trading center

Mzimba Northern Malawi MZIMBA near Total Filling Station

Mzuzu Northern Malawi Mzuzu, near the market

Mzuzu Old Town Northern Malawi old town

Nambuma Central Malawi trading center

Nancholi Blantyre South Malawi market

Nathenje Central Malawi trading center, Blantyre road

Nchalo Southern Malawi NCHALO Opposite National Bank

Nchinji 1 Central Malawi Opposite PTC Supermarket

Nchinji 2 Central Malawi town, near Zambia border

Ndirande Blantyre Southern Malawi Blantyre,

Ndirande Market Blantyre Southern Malawi near

Ndirande Nchiseu Blantyre Southern Malawi

Ndirande Zambia Blantyre Southern Malawi zambia

Nguluwe Lilongwe Central Malawi Kachere trading center

Ngwenya Lilongwe Central Malawi near Market

Nkando South Malawi trading center

Nkhamenya Central Malawi trading center

Nkhatabay Northern Malawi Nkahata bay town

Nkhoma Central Malawi trading center

Nkhotakota Central Malawi Market

Nsalu Central Malawi market

Nsanje Southern Malawi town

Nsundwe Central Malawi trading center

Nsungwi Lilongwe Central Malawi near Police unit

Ntandire Lilongwe Central Malawi near Market

Ntcheu Southern Malawi NTCHEU near Market

Ntchisi Central Malawi Market

Nthandizi Bangwe Southern Malawi Blantyre,

Nthawira Blantyre Southern Malawi near Machinjiri PTC Supermarket

Nthukwa Blantyre Southern Malawi near Market

Old Town Lilongwe Central Malawi Lilongwe, old town

Old Town Lilongwe 2 Central Malawi Lilongwe, old town

Phalombe Southern Malawi town

Phwetekere Lilongwe Central Malawi Lilongwe, area

Rumphi Rhumpi Northern Malawi RUMPHI near PTC Supermarket

Salima Central Malawi town, Lilongwe road

Senti Lilongwe Central Malawi Area 18

Shoprite Blantyre Southern Malawi Chichiri mall, M1 road

Soche Quarre Southern Malawi Maret

Somange Blantyre South Malawi Somanje market

Songani South Malawi trading center

South End Lilongwe Central Malawi Lilongwe, Old town, end

Thondwe Southern Malawi near Market

Thyolo Southern Malawi Market

TsanganoES Tsangano South Malawi market

Upper Biwi Lilongwe Central Malawi Trading Center

Wakawaka Lilongwe Central Malawi Blantyre road, wakawaka trading center

Wenela Blantyre Southern Malawi Blantyre, depo

ZalewaES Zalewa South Malawi trading center, Mwanza road

Zingwangwa Blantyre Southern Malawi Blantyre, area

Zomba Southern Malawi ZOMBA near Ndendeya Motel

Zomba 2 Southern Malawi Near Zoma market

Chatoloma Central Malawi town, Mzuzu road

Chilinga South Malawi town

Chimbiya Central Malawi town

Chinakanaka South Malawi town, Mulanje road

Dowa Turnoff Central Malawi town

Green Malata Blantyre South Malawi trading center

Kapiri Central Malawi town

Kawondo Central Malawi Blantyre road, trading center

Limbe Police Blantyre South Malawi Oposite station

Malomo Central Malawi town

Mango Blantyre South Malawi Nancholi trading center

Mtsiriza Lilongwe Central Malawi trading center, Area 47

Santhe Central Malawi town

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