How do I borrow money from TNM Mpamba?

How do I borrow money from TNM Mpamba?

If you are looking for an instant loan and you are a subscriber with Airtel Malawi, congratulations there is good news for you because Airtel Malawi in collaboration with FINCA has introduced an Instant Loan Service they believe will help their client in times of need. TNM introduced tnm Mpamba Pasavute. The article answers the question How do I borrow money from TNM Mpamba?

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TNM Mpamba Pasavute Loan

Before applying to open the Mpamba Pasavute Account via the TNM Mpamba System you should carefully read and understand these Terms and Conditions which will govern the use and operation of the Mpamba Pasavute Account. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, please click “Decline” on the MPAMBA PASAVUTE Menu. If you opt to continue with the service, you will be deemed to have read, understood and confirmed these Terms and Conditions.

Eligibility Criteria for TNM Mpamba Pasavute Loans

  1. To be eligible you have to be a subscriber for not less than 6 months
  2. Payback on time to qualify for another loan.
  3. Keep on using the tnm Mpamba Pasavute Services to increase your loan limit.

TNM Mpamba Pasavute Loan Maximum and Minimum Amount

  • The maximum amount is MK100,000
  • The minimum amount is MK500

How long does it take to receive and pay a Loan from TNM Mpamba Pasavute?

You shall repay the Loan not later than the expiry of the repayment period from the time of disbursement. The repayment period shall be specified at the time of loan request and disbursement which shall range from a minimum of seven (7) calendar to a maximum of thirty (30) calendars days.

TNM Mpamba Pasavute Loan Charges

  • 10% of the loan amount (when repaid within 15 days)
  • 2.5% penalty

TNM Mpamba Pasavute Loans Terms and Conditions

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