Technology in Malawi: The Changing Face of an Emerging Tech Hub

Technology in Malawi: The Changing Face of an Emerging Tech Hub

Malawi has come a long way from not having an interest in technology to almost becoming the Tech Hub amongst it countries surrounding it. The country as a whole is now taking notice of the Technology around us and trying to innovate our daily lives with it. Tech Hubs in Malawi are now targeting the Health Industry, the Farming Industry and many more. Improving all these sectors will serve the country and its demanding needs. Technology in Malawi: The Changing Face of an Emerging Tech Hub.

Technology in Malawi: The Changing Face of an Emerging Tech Hub

The development of the Malawi tech industry

Just a few years ago most of the information available about the tech industry in Malawi came from a single source. This single-source was Cheetah Paprika Ltd. When they moved out of the country a year ago other sources have come to the fore but they are still subject to comments from others. With this in mind, I would like to share with you some of the sources that I have used to have an overview of the tech industry in Malawi. This article is a bit long but I have summarised the main information about the tech industry in Malawi, according to my sources, 1.Kweza Malawi – A resource of information about startups in Malawi Kweza Malawi (KM) is an organisation that supports businesses based in Malawi. They provide service to startup owners looking for some form of assistance.

The Malawi Tech Industry now has a name

In the past, the Malawi Tech Industry had a rather vague name. The Tech Industry as a whole was underlooked as most people thought of it as one of the “Young and fearless” industries. The area has not been taken it seriously until recently. It is believed that this industry is starting to take its rightful place within the African map and is now leading the way when it comes to Africa’s tech scene. The way it is heading, the Tech industry will soon become an area that almost all other industries are dying to get a chance to integrate themselves into. It has actually been stated that this industry is a field that needs to be developed for this country to become a leading technology hub.

Tech Hubs in Malawi

Some of the tech hubs in Malawi are: MHub – Social Media, eCommerce and Community-Centric Advertising In the city of Blantyre is a buzzing hub of tech enthusiasts and innovators with different opportunities and activities revolving around this. The MHub in Blantyre is a growing community of tech enthusiasts and innovators working to promote technology, local innovation and the arts in Blantyre. There are many different opportunities for its members ranging from Coding, Data Analytics, Art, Writing, Animation, Photography and much more. Tech Hub in Malawi: Where to start? If you have your own business or a freelancing job, you may find it to be a place where you can network and earn money.

List of Tech Hubs in Malawi

  1. MHub 
  2. The UNICEF Innovation hub (M’phikaWaluso)
  3. Polytechnic Design Studio
  4. The Hub
  5. Mzuzu E-Hub

Malawi’s tech industry needs

Due to the lack of investment by some international investors, there is a huge gap between market opportunities and available technology. Malawi’s emerging tech ecosystem needs both. Quality programming and development The technology industry as a whole has traditionally been low on the coding side. The capital intensive costs, staffing skills and technologies compared to emerging countries puts Malawi well behind it. As a result, the local tech industry lacks the resources and technical knowledge to continue innovating. On the contrary, there is a huge talent base of ICT specialists within Malawi. These are not techies, rather talented professionals who are highly technical in their nature.

What is being done to improve the tech industry?

The technological development that Malawi is experiencing is a huge benefit to its people. Here is a list of activities that the country is engaging in to create its own Tech Hubs. The recent efforts to venture into new territories that technology, the agriculture industry, and the health industry to be the country’s foundation are clearly being reflected in all of the above industries. In the last year and a half, there has been a newfound interest in the tech sector. With the new developments being experienced in technology and companies around the world moving to the continent, Malawi is being aggressively capitalised to build a strong tech industry that will create new and innovative products that the nation can benefit from.


Technology has changed our lifestyles and left no one out of its disruptive wave. Malawi needs to take full advantage of this technology to create a more engaging and vital economy that it can give the world. #TechMalawi #TechinMalawi #MalawiTechhubs

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